How to escape the junk food trap

“It was a hard day at work, I deserve a nice pizza and some fries”.

“He left me, now I want to eat chocolate and ice cream until I burst”.

“I’m tired and I need sugar”.

How many times have you found yourself thinking or saying phrases like this? Or maybe you heard them from some of your friends or family?

In the most difficult and stressful moments it is perfectly normal to seek consolation and relief in food.

Unfortunately, however, we never look for this remedy for discontent in vegetables or blue fish, nuts or legumes but rather in a range of foods that end up damaging us in the long run.

In fact, artificially produced foods, enriched with precise mixtures of sugars and fats or fats and salt, give us the greatest sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. It is only these foods that are so irresistible that we lose control so easily.

Chips, snacks, candies, fast food, sweets are examples of foods made ad hoc to generate maximum satisfaction, called bliss point, which is also the reason for the addiction created towards them.

In fact, at the base of the bliss point there is the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that we perceive as satisfaction and fulfillment.

Once we have had such pleasure, it is difficult to give it up and so we end up eating those foods too often and in excessive quantities.

It is therefore clear that many of us eat to compensate for a negative emotional state, excess stress and a lack of other forms of fulfillment. We are not looking for energy, calories and nutrients but for pleasure, pampering and contentment.

However, we often forget that junk food can in turn promote a low mood and therefore literally contributes to producing a vicious cycle from which the person really struggles to get out.

Body and mind are closely related and for this reason I always speak of psychophysical health.

It is necessary to aim at the well-being of both body and mind at the same time and sometimes to change eating behavior it is necessary to find sources of pleasure and satisfaction that are not related to food intake.

Many of us eat to compensate for a negative emotional state, excessive stress and a lack of other forms of fulfillment. We do not go looking for energy, calories and nutrients, but for pleasure, pampering and indulgence.

To help you regain control over your diet, I propose some contents that allow you to have a general introduction on the very first steps to take and the things to pay more attention to.

  1. basic rules to protect you from harm of street food
  2. 5 strategies to beat the negativity a
  3. Make sure you ” do not fall into temptation “by freeing yourself from the addiction of sugars, fats and salts
  4. Make a healthy, longer, through the daily improvement of your health

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