Start getting in shape!

Here are some simple tips to get you in shape! It’s never too late to be healthy, is it?

Get started!

“… Get up from the sofa, stop with the sugary drinks, the industrial sweets, … put on the suit, take the MP3 headphones and run …”

It looks like a script simple, but in many cases it takes real willpower to do it.

This post is aimed at those who cannot follow a sporty lifestyle , that is, a healthy life.

Even for those who have been intermittent with this lifestyle, so that once and for all they take the final step and establish this link with good habits .

Cominciare ad allenarsi

However, those who decide to change will surely change their lives positively .

If you are still not convinced, maybe you can read this text and understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Forget those slogans like: “Get fit in 28 days” or similar, they all have an expiration date.

What I try to explain is that you don’t it’s about something specific, but something more: we seek sustainability or, in other words, we create habits.

If you really want to be fit, it’s not worth being only in summer to show off your body or to wear that beautiful dress for a particular occasion.

It means establishing healthy habits and, as such, once you reach the goal it will be difficult to get rid of them as they will be automatic actions.

The advantages of getting in shape

The first thing we look for or think when we hear about “getting in shape” or “working out “Is to improve our appearance,” accept ourselves “or fulfill our New Year’s resolutions.

However, achieving a physical change, losing fat, gaining muscle mass, is very more.

It means to say goodbye to indicators of poor health: hypertension, risk of diabetes, cholesterol and high triglycerides … and see our health improve substantially, reflecting in a positive mood, increased motivation, self-esteem, confidence …

Praticare sport

How to do it? How to get started?

Establish a Plan

This will be our “Holy Grail”: what from now on we will have to maintain, respect and endure, if we really want be victorious.

So, the basic principles on which we will base our plan will be based on these 3 pillars:

  • Workout
  • Nutrition
  • Rest


All this modeled with a dose of constancy and sacrifice .

Each of them has interaction with all of them in turn, so that “if you fail” in one, the other will falter.

Perhaps the expression will ring you: “the diet is 100% to progress”; Sure, that’s true, but without 100% training and 100% rest, I assure you that this process will not come to an end.

What kind of Training?


To start, I’ll be honest: what you like best.

There are those who prefer group lessons, cycle paths or excursions …

Honestly, choose the one that most appeals to you, the one that most motivates you every day so that when you leave work you will want to go straight to the goal and enjoy a few hours of fun.

Now we could leave this point; However, if you’re looking to go a little further and improve your image, perhaps you should go deeper.


Improving your Body Structure

That is, improve your aesthetics: less fat and more muscle mass.

The training axis will be Anaerobic training , supported from Aerobic Training .

That is, use Strength Training (i.e. weightlifting) to generate stimulus that will prevail over our muscle mass , as well as stimulating the growth and development of new tissues.

Aerobic training will provide us cardiovascular benefits , as explained in this article the. Similarly, the integration of HIIT-type workouts based on high intensity into the routine will help amplify the results.

Which training routine to choose?

Let’s get started … the “routine” sounds monotonous or boring, something that maybe makes us very lazy, doesn’t it?

I think if you’ve never started training before, this is the root cause .

There are thousands of training options: from an effective gym workout routine, a calisthenics routine (using your own body weight), a performance training (like Cross-Training) up to a home workout without equipment! .

Routine di Allenamento

But if I told you, from my experience and the enormous feedback received, that you can have all the benefits of training by generating a lte doses of motivation, to be very pleasant and with results, would you buy it from me?

Good luck because you get it 100% free, plus there are also two versions: unisex or more focused on women . Are you interested? Whatever your physical condition (I mean that you are at least healthy and fit to play sports you can find them as:

What diet should I follow?

” There are “many diets: Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Diet Rich in Carbohydrates, High Protein Diet … what a mess!

How do I choose the one that’s right for me?

Piano Dieta

Again, the key point is to find the one that suits you, the one you think “it doesn’t cost you to follow”.

There is no way, each has its own peculiarities, some exclude food, others are more” extreme “… So, we have collected the information of the most pertinent ones and we leave them for you below.

“Dieting” does not mean eating less, but eating what you need and, therefore, eating better. To do this, you can use any of the strategies listed above, although I personally prefer something more flexible .

Gain Muscle Mass or Lose Fat

This is the first question to answer.

If we start with a high percentage of fat, my recommendation will be to reduce it . For this, we will have no other “remedy” other than to reduce calorie consumption, that is a low calorie diet .

Why? Basically, because if we want to lose fat and maintain muscle mass, we have to establish a calorie deficit.

Don’t forget about Protein

The most important point when preparing the diet is to know how many proteins are needed and to maintain this proportion every day.

Don’t know the required amount of protein? I’ll explain it here.

Sometimes it can be a bit tedious, but we see that helping ourselves with protein in the form of a smoothie can be very effective.

Consume fat

Although popular hype has demonized fats, the excuses used are incorrect.

We must not forget the main role of fats in hormone regulation , and naturally their plastic function, fats, especially essential fatty acids, or also known as essential fatty acids, in this case Omega-3 are the ones that might sound most familiar to us.

Grassi sani

They have very important benefits and properties to ensure our health , affecting the cardiovascular system and cognitive support. Do you know how much fat you need? Find out here

For the more experienced

So, a strategy with incredible results will come from the caloric cycle.

That is, introducing higher calorie days, coinciding with our most intense workouts.

Normally, “we will play” with carbohydrates , in fact it is a very convenient way to introduce them in the previous moments, during and / or after the exercise.

If you have any questions about how to put it into practice, find all explained in this post.

Should I take supplements?

The role of supplementation, putting the theme of the post in context, can be explained based on these points:

Meeting nutritional requirements

The famous protein shakes you’ve heard of are simply this macronutrient that is offered in a delicious way. Its fundamental role is to help you reach the amount of protein you need every day.

Which Protein Shake to choose? We recommend you visit this Link Post to the blog to get to know this concept well.

Sources of Omega-3

If you are not a big fan of eating blue fish or for any another reason you don’t eat enough, supporting your diet with Omega-3 fatty acid supplements is a great strategy.

Contributo nutrizionale

Nutritional deficiencies

As such, they can exist.

If you don’t ingest the corresponding sources , such as omega, could be a problem. Furthermore, regular sports practice leads to higher expenses

Sometimes, if you suffer from some type of pathology (anemia …) you can choose iron supplements; if you suffer from frequent digestive problems, perhaps probiotics could be the best solution for you …

Rest: the piece that completes the puzzle

Neither more nor less important, but it is at the same height as the rest of the pillars.

Whether we are active or not, the pursuit of sufficient rest time is essential for maintaining health.

Training involves a lot of stress for our nervous system. The resilience of the muscular system is amazing and, if supported by elements such as those seen above, is significantly accelerated.

However, in this aspect we cannot control the recovery of our hormone system, but we have the ability to offer sufficient rest every day as the most effective measure for recovery.

Riposo Attivo

Active Rest

I know you went down hard during training, but even if you think you are “on top”, you should rest.

However, I suggest instead of lying down all day, do something different: active rest.

You can dedicate yourself to other lighter activities that no longer have anything to do with the training you do: walking, cycling or skating, paddle surfing …

I hope that with these guidelines you have a different view on how to start and, above all, maintain a life linked to sport and habits ini sane.

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